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Most people don’t like cleaning yet its something everybody must do. To get the job done most of us look for easy hacks.

To make the most of your time and clean your house quickly, follow this step-by-step instruction based on years of hard-won experience:

Cleaning Tip #1: Clean the entire house

Cleaning is made for efficient if you choose one chore such as dusting or mopping and repeat it in every area of the house, rather than cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms in that order.

Cleaning Tip #2: Have all your cleaning supplies in one place

Having all the cleaning tools in one place and portable form by using a caddy or a bucket makes your job easier. This way you don’t have to spend additional time looking for supplies.

Cleaning Tip #3: Get rid of all the clutter

Pick up everything that is not in its rightful place hence get rid of the mess before you start sweeping the place. 

Cleaning Tip #4: Dust and vacuum 

Switch off ceiling fans before you start dusting. Dust off your countertops and furniture as well as shelves and handles and any decoration pieces placed in the rooms. Microfiber cloth makes the best cloth for dusting places that are hard to reach such as corners of shelves. Prior to vacuuming replace your bed linens.

Cleaning Tip #5: Clean the counters and other surfaces

Sweep all hard surfaces in your home, such as countertops, household appliances, and cupboards, including knobs, switches, telephones, and remotes. Disinfect all the surfaces that kids can reach or people’s fingers and faces touch to avoid the spread of germs Mix one-fourth to a half cup of vinegar with one-fourth to a half cup of water to make a harmless disinfection solution.

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