If “the customer” cancels or reschedules the appointment with less than 48 hours of notice from the scheduled date/time, the client would have to pay 100% of the total fee for the job. This also includes a cancellation during an active cleaning session for whatever reason. This would be plus taxes and credit card processing fees.

For clients on a weekly, bi-weekly plan or monthly plan, on top of giving us a 48-hour notice if any reschedule requests are made. The session would have to be in accordance with a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. For example if a client wishes to reschedule a bi-weekly session as long as it in 14 days of the last session it is permissible if given more than a 48 hour notice. If the client provides less than a 48 hour notice if on a re-occurring package. They will also forfeit the session on top of being billed for 100% of the session.

Please note billing time starts upon the arrival of our cleaning crew to the property.

Furthermore for clients who have committed to a 12-month, 6-month, or a 90 day package. (Including paying for 4 sessions in advance) There are no refunds once payment has been made.

Also if a client were to add any of our add-on services such as basement or balcony add-on they would require to give us a 48 hour notice for any changes to be made.

Lastly, if a booking was made via a deposit of any amount and “the client” were to cancel or reschedule the cleaning session prior to a 48 hour notice, the deposit would then be forfeited.

By booking with Now It’s Clean Inc., “the client” agrees to our company policies.

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