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It shouldn’t take all day to clean your home. You can clean your house faster and with less effort by using a few easy strategies and tools. Try these ten game-changing tips to make cleaning your home a breeze (and possibly even enjoyable!).

One of the sweetest feelings is having a clean home, which helps you and your family stay healthy. However, no one wants to spend the entire day cleaning! It’s critical to make the most of your effort so you can clean quickly and efficiently while also having more spare time to do what you enjoy. Try these ten easy hacks to complete your house cleaning in no time:

Plan Clean-up Days:

Cleaning your home at once can be exhausting and intimidating. Make a cleaning plan — bedrooms on Monday, kitchen on Tuesday, etc. — rather than leaving the entire house for one day. Schedule a time once a month to clean the trickier areas, such as your baseboards and high cupboards that require a step stool to access.

Set a Timer:

Time to keep yourself on track (cleaning will be easier if you recognize you have a specific time to clean). To avoid distractions, use a timer that isn’t on your phone. Set aside a decent amount of time — 15-30 minutes — and dedicate it solely to cleaning. Listen to a podcast to keep yourself occupied and involved.

Organize All Your Cleaning Supplies:

Organize all your cleaning supplies in a portable cleaning caddy that is easy to transport. Keep it with you as you walk from room to room so you can get to anything you need quickly.

Cleaning Your Home
Cleaning Your Home

Maintain A Well-Organized System:

First, clean up the room you’re concentrating on. To make this phase go even faster, try decluttering a little every day and returning items to their proper places.

Circle around each room, working from top to bottom. Start dusting from the ceiling so the dust falls to the ground, and work your way around the room, wiping surfaces and items.

Utilize Microfiber Cleaning Cloths:

These excellent multi-purpose microfiber cleaning cloths can clean everything from walls to countertops. They’re also reusable, sturdy, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

Use an Eco-friendly Multi-Surface Cleaner:

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly items perform admirably. They’re devoid of sulfates, parabens, ammonia, dyes, and synthetic fragrances, and they’re safe for even your child’s crib and toys.

Use Cleaning Tools for Microwaves:

The microwave is a famously filthy spot in your home. A microwave cleaner can even remove the most caked-on food. Add water and vinegar to the microwave, turn it on, and watch the grease disappear! You may even add a few drops of lemon to the mix to give it a fresh scent.

Use Vinegar for Mirrors and Glass:

Fill a spray bottle with basic distilled white vinegar (like the kind you probably already have in your kitchen) and dab clean with a microfiber cloth.

Involve The Entire Family:

The more individuals that can assist you in cleaning your house, the more quickly you’ll be done! Assign everyone a task or a room, and you’ll be able to clean your house together even faster.

Magic Erasers:

Almost all surfaces in your home can be cleaned with these tools. It gets rid of tough stains like ink. It works well in the bathroom on bathtubs, showers, countertops, sinks, and toilets.

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