Whether you work in an office or at home, keeping your office space clean is integral to ensuring your productivity is at an all-time high. Having a clean space also just ensures a better mood and calm feeling. After all, chances are you’re spending most of your day at your desk and you want that time to be well spent. Here at Now It’s Clean, we want to provide you with some helpful tips on how to properly perform an office cleaning so you can work better, feel better and stay organized overall.

1. Starting With The Desk

Your desk will likely be the biggest thing to tackle as it’s the item that covers the most ground. If you eat at your desk, you’ll notice a lot more grime and dirt and even if you don’t, dust and other debris is inevitable in a space like this.  

Begin this process by moving everything off of your desk. This includes your monitor(s), PC, mousepad, mouse and keyboard. Anything else like speakers, pens, and notebooks should be moved as well. Once your desk is completely clear, start off the cleaning by using a microfiber cloth to get rid of the dust. Make sure you cover every single area, as dust is unavoidable in this type of space. Now that your desk is completely dusted off, you can begin the process of removing any extra dirt/stains/sticky spots. To do so, simply dip a cloth into a solution of vinegar and water. Wring the cloth of any excess water, then wipe the desk down top to bottom. Once your desk is completely spotless, you can use a dry cloth or towel to get rid of any water residue.

2. Computer Screens

Cleaning your computer screen is important since this is the component you spend all of your time looking at. Even the smallest dirt spot can distract you and get in the way of what you’re working on. More than that, however, leaving a screen dirty makes your whole space look unorganized. To clean this component, simply wipe your screen down with a damp cloth that has a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar. You can also use a specialized monitor cleaning/screen cleaning product if you have it. Make sure the cloth is more on the dry side, as water can crawl into the crevices of your monitor and possibly damage the components inside. 

3. The Keyboard & Mouse

Since these items are a lot smaller in size, they have all the more chance to get dirt and grime trapped inside of them. This dirt can have quite the effect on how these products work and generally make your desk look messy even though everything else may be clean.  

In order to properly clean your keyboard, first ensure that it is unplugged from your PC so you have full access to it. Next hold the keyboard upside down and give it a light shake. In many cases, gravity will do a lot of the heavy work for you and you may notice crumbs and other dirt beginning to fall out of the keys’ crevices. Once it has been shaken, move it right side up and use a can of compressed air to blow out any other pieces of dirt. If you don’t have a can of compressed air, you can lightly blow on your keyboard to get rid of any additional dust and debris. Once both of these steps have been performed, you can wipe the keyboard down with a damp cloth.  

Similar to the keyboard, simply unplug your mouse, wipe it down with a cloth and ensure that it is dry before plugging it back in. If there are spots within your mouse that require a more deep cleaning, you can *carefully* use a toothpick to clean away this grime. Make sure to not be too harsh with this tool, as doing so may cause one of the buttons to pop out/malfunction. Gentle actions are key to ensuring this is done properly.

4. The Office Chair

Now that everything on your desk has been taken care of, it’s time to focus on the thing your body uses the most — your office chair. If you work at a standing desk; lucky you, you can avoid this step! If not, let’s get started. 

You want to begin this cleaning by removing any cushions that are on/attached to your chair. Once you’ve done this, take a vacuum hose (with an extender if you have that feature) and work to suck out any dirt and dust within the crevices of your chair. Once the small cracks and creases have been taken care of, you can vacuum the surface if you feel as though it’s necessary. Finish this cleaning by wiping down your chair with a cleaning solution of your choice (if your chair is made out of a soft fabric, you can avoid this step and spray the area down with some scented fabric softener). 

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