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The dirtier areas of your office are the ones that are most often overlooked by your employees. They may even be sites that you go on a daily basis – so how could they possibly be that filthy, right? Because they are in constant use, you believe there is no possibility for dust or germs to accumulate on them. Actually, those are frequently the dirtiest areas of the city. It is critical to discover the locations of these areas in your office and to learn how to keep them as clean as possible.

Elevator Buttons

Getting exposed to germs before arriving at your place of employment puts you at danger of catching them.

Elevator buttons are frequently among the dirtiest elements of an office building, especially in large buildings. On a typical day, how many people do you think will press the buttons on an elevator’s buttons, according to your estimation? Although it is less common in smaller office buildings than you might expect, it is more common than you might think.

Dirtiest places in your office and how to keep them clean
Dirtiest places in your office and how to keep them clean

Vending Machine Buttons

A profusion of potentially harmful germs and bacteria can be found on the vending machine’s buttons if they are studied under a powerful microscope, according to the vending machine’s own words. One of the issues with vending machine buttons, aside from the fact that they cannot be cleaned using a regular cleaning approach, is that they are difficult to clean. Individually available are antimicrobial resistant screens for vending machine buttons, which can be ordered separately. After that, simply clean them whenever the opportunity presents itself, and you will drastically reduce the transmission of germs with minimal effort.

Furniture & Upholstery

Furniture at the workplace is frequently disregarded or altogether ignored when it comes to cleaning chores. If something does not appear to be unclean, there is no reason to clean it, after all.

Even if your office furniture doesn’t appear to be dirty, dust, oil, residue, and bacteria are accumulating on a daily basis in the corners and between the joints, where they can cause serious health problems. These objects should be cleaned on a regular basis in order to aid in the prevention of the spread of germs throughout your office.

Microwave door handles

Employees at a small company are not uncommon to use their microwave in the lunchroom 30 times or more per day for a variety of purposes ranging from warming up a morning muffin to nuking someone’s lunch. It has been discovered that the interiors of microwave ovens contain a mixture of meat and vegetable particles, which makes them an excellent breeding environment for bacteria. If you’ve ever glanced at the top of the interior of a microwave that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time for evidence of germs, you’ve probably seen that they require heat, food, and moisture in order to reproduce. Yum! Due to the fact that the vapour from cooked food is neither hot nor long enough, it is not possible to eradicate germs with steam from cooked food.

Drinking fountain buttons or handles

When it comes to getting bacteria to boil, there’s nothing quite like the mix of dirty hands, moisture, and spit, is there? It was determined that several drinking fountains in the Colorado State Capitol, the Denver public library, and a Denver bus terminal were common sources of rotavirus contamination (a common cause of diarrhoea) and influenza A contamination after they were studied. Running the water for around five seconds before taking a sip and then washing your hands after using it is the recommended course of action. Alternatively, you can spritz some hand sanitizer on your hands if they are germ-ridden.


If you want to ensure that your employees work in a clean and safe workplace, you must take your obligations seriously. It is unavoidable in an office building that germs will find their way into your space, despite the fact that you will make every effort to keep them from entering your space. Now it’s Clean is a full service cleaning company in Toronto that offers both commercial cleaning services and deep home cleaning services.

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