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At Now It’s Clean, we specialize in post-construction and post-renovation cleaning in Toronto.

As a family-owned, leading cleaning company in Toronto, our goal is to provide quality cleaning solutions for homes, apartments, commercial spaces, and Airbnbs across the GTA. We take care of the finishing touches of your renovation or remodel and leave you with a clean space that’s ready for the next phase of your project.

Learn how our post-renovation cleaning in Toronto can help you streamline your remodel.

Our Post-Renovation & Cleaning Services

Post-construction or post-renovation cleaning is all about removing dust, dirt, and scuffs from all surfaces.

Construction materials, sawdust, and paint splatter are just a few leftover items that can clutter your renovated/newly built space. Post-construction cleaning is a must to keep your new investment in tip-top condition. That’s where we come in!

Paint splatter, debris, dust, and dirt are no match for us, whether they’re on your carpets, floors, or even ceilings. Avoid all the hassle and stress by hiring our renovation cleaners in Toronto to make your post-construction project a smoother experience.

Our post-construction cleaning services take a considerate approach to the disposal of construction materials — so you don’t have to worry about unlawful and unethical disposal practices.

The Benefits of Post-Construction/Renovation Cleaning Services

Renovating your home is no small feat – it takes time and effort to transform a space and bring your vision to life. Whether you’re remodelling a single room or an entire building, the last thing you want to add to your plate is the clean-up.

Our experienced cleaners are here to help after your renovation. We take care of the details, so you don’t have to.

Don’t Worry About Leftover Materials

Don’t stress over materials left over on the job site. Our post-renovation team will sort out any excess materials and safely dispose of them. Any post-construction materials that can be used during your cleaning service will be kept in storage for your convenience.

Safe Waste Disposal

Construction uses a lot of building materials that require a specific disposal process. We know how to dispose of post-construction chemicals and materials safely and efficiently. Our goal isn’t just to clean your space. It’s also to keep you and your family safe.

The Right Cleaning Process

After a renovation, your new floors, windows, and paint are more delicate than ever. Without proper cleaning products, you could end up tarnishing them. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to avoid those problems. We know how to expertly clean and handle your new home.

Less Hassle

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just trying to wrap up a construction job, why handle the post-construction cleaning yourself when you don’t have to? With our post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto, we take any hassle off your hands, giving you time to focus on your project.

Interested in our post-construction/renovation cleaning services in Toronto? Contact our team at (647) 558-0707 today!

Our Post-Construction Cleaning in Toronto Includes

When it comes to reaching the next stages of your project, our after-renovation cleaning services are designed to help you get there faster. When you enlist the help of our post-reno cleaning services in Toronto, we cover the following:

All Inside Windows, Including The Cleaning And Removal Of Post-Construction Labels, Paint, And Stains
All Doors, Window Tracks, And Sills
Vacuuming And Handwashing All Hard Floor Surfaces
Cabinets And Vanities, Inside And Out
Closets, Shelves, Spindles, And Railings
Countertops, Mirrors, And Sinks
Removing Debris And Vacuuming Out Floor Registers
Fireplaces, Appliances, And Light Fixtures
Wall Tiles, Tubs, And Bath Fixtures
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Inside Kitchen Cabinets
Blinds and Shutters
Eco-Friendly Products

Why Choose Our Post-Renovation and Construction Cleaning Services in Toronto

Now It’s Clean is proud to be a local, family-owned cleaning company in Toronto. Across the GTA, our post-renovation cleaning services are carried out with the highest level of care and attention.

Experienced Staff

Our highly-trained renovation cleaners are ready to help you anytime.

No Unexpected Fees

All our prices are 100% transparent, with no hidden/unexpected fees.

Fast Service

We’ll accommodate your schedule and provide a renovation cleaning service whenever you need it.

Best Equipment

Each post-renovation cleaning service uses industry-leading equipment for lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Post-Renovation and Construction Cleaning

What is post-renovation cleaning?

Post-renovation cleaning is a process that’s carried out after a property or space is renovated or remodelled. After a renovation, a post-reno cleaning service will take care of debris removal, dust cleaning, garbage disposal and more.

Why should I hire cleaners after my renovation or construction project?

A post-renovation cleaning service can help streamline the transition from construction or remodelling to the finished product. Your cleaning experts will go over areas that are often overlooked, ensuring every corner is clear and ready for the next stage of the project.

Hiring our post-reno cleaners ensures:

  • Safe Disposal of Waste Materials
  • Storing Salvageable Construction Materials
  • Cleaning All Doors, Windows, and Tracks
  • Removing Debris And Vacuuming Out Floor Registers
  • Removal Of Post-Construction Labels, Paint, And Stains
  • Thorough Cleaning of Fireplaces, Appliances, and Light Fixtures
  • The Safest Post-Renovation Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

We work fast so that you can start using your new space as soon as possible and without worrying about lingering dust and other particulates that can impact your air quality.

What sets Now It’s Clean apart from other post-renovation or construction cleaners in Toronto?

Working with Now It’s Clean means you’re not just experiencing our renowned renovation cleaning services — you’re also gaining the benefits of working with a local, family-owned company in the GTA.

As a local business, we’re invested in the successes of our community. That’s why we’ve dedicated our efforts to going above the expectations of traditional post-renovation cleaning. Each team member is held to the highest ethical and professional standards and is thoroughly vetted before they’re hired — because you deserve to feel completely satisfied and comfortable with whoever is in your home.

When you’ve completed a renovation project and need a professional cleaning service to help transform the space, we’re a phone call away. We have the experience and equipment you need to finish your project and make the most of your new space.

Contact us today, and we’ll provide a no-obligation quote for your convenience.

How much do post-construction or renovation cleaning services cost?

The cost of a post-construction or post-renovation cleaning service often depends on several factors, including the scope of the work required and the number of post-renovation cleaners needed to get the job done.

We provide no-obligation quotes to help new customers understand our pricing and answer any questions they may have about our renovation cleaning services in Toronto.

How long does a post-renovation service take?

The timeline for a renovation cleaning service will depend on the size of the property and the scope of cleaning required. A one-bedroom apartment in Toronto, for example, will have a different completion time than a three-bedroom home in Richmond Hill.

To gauge how long your project will take, we recommend contacting us for a simple, no-obligation quote. Once we’re able to discuss your cleaning service needs, we can provide a more detailed timeline and get the process started for you ASAP.

Where can I find a professional post-renovation/cleaning service in Toronto?

If you’re looking for professional ways to tidy your space after your renovation, our cleaning services can help. Now It’s Clean is proud to be a leader in quality cleaning solutions for commercial and residential spaces across Toronto and its surrounding areas.

Our post-reno and post-construction cleaners are available in:

No matter where you are in the GTA, we can help transform your renovation with our trusted cleaning services. Contact Now It’s Clean today for your no-obligation quote.


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