When you are wanting to make sure that your home stays consistently clean for months on end, hiring maid cleaning services in Toronto is usually the best thing to do. With the help of maid services, you can have your home periodically cleaned, keeping and maintaining a certain level of organization and cleanliness so you can go about your home with simplicity and zero stress. But exactly how often do these services need to be implemented? To learn about this information, we here at Now It’s Clean have come up with some helpful advice. 

The Main Factors 

When it comes down to it, how often your home should take advantage of maid services will entirely depend on how often you use your home and what you use it for. Some of the main factors that contribute to how often a house needs to be cleaned are as follows: 


Lifestyle is important in determining how often you’ll need these kinds of services. For example, if you happen to be more of a partier, it’s recommended that you get these services done more frequently since your home will likely get messier quicker. This also goes for people who work from home rather than people who commute. Since you spend more time at home with a WFH lifestyle, things often get cluttered faster and this will usually require more frequent cleanings.  

The Size of Your Home 

While larger homes will usually require less frequent cleaning services, smaller homes will likely need them a lot more often. When you lack the extra space to have a walkable, livable home that is also messy, you will find it difficult to go about your day to day since all of the mess and clutter is condensed into a small area. Therefore, the smaller your home, the more it will likely need cleaning assistance (especially when you have lots of things) 

The Number of Residents 

This one is probably more obvious, but it still needs to be discussed. Generally a home will need more maintenance when the number of residents in a home is higher. If you live with a big family and there’s a lot of foot traffic, frequent cleanings are needed in order to keep a tidy home.  

How Often You Tidy Up 

When it comes to maintaining good health, you’ve likely heard someone in your life say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!”. Well, this idea is the same when it comes to keeping a home clean. In this sense, “a quick cleaning keeps the maid services away” is a statement that can be used to remind yourself that the occasional tidying job is important.  

How We Can Help 

Here at Now It’s Clean, we work hard to ensure that each and every client gets the most transformative cleaning services possible. We know that keeping a home tidy can be difficult, so our staff offers affordable, high quality cleaning services for everyone. To learn more about how to start a house cleaning in Toronto, be sure to call us at (647) 558-0707 today! 

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