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The quality of your family’s hygiene is determined by the status of these vital spaces in your home; therefore, when hosting, the presentation of your bathroom and kitchen makes an impression on your guests. This is due to the presence of bacteria and viruses that may survive for up to a week on the surfaces of these rooms. The most excellent method to limit the risk of infection and disease is to clean your kitchen and bathroom thoroughly.

Tips For a Spotless Bathroom:

The best advice for cleaning your bathroom is to wash in a planned order.

Declutter Baskets and Drawers:

There are certainly a lot of extra cosmetic items and outdated toiletries hidden in your bathroom closet. Declutter the inside of your bathroom cabinets before you clean.


Before spraying cleaners, dust the entire area from top to bottom, including any open shelves, mirrors, and light fixtures.

Disinfect Countertops:

Clean your counters, sinks, and faucets with a moist rag after spraying them with a cleanser. Finish by polishing the taps with a dry rag.

Wipe Mirrors:

Wipe off your mirrors with a glass cleaner to eliminate those pesky white spots.

Scrub The Toilet:

Wipe and rinse the exterior of the toilet with a powerful cleaning agent until it is spotless. Remove your toilet seat and wipe the knobs entirely if there are stains around the knobs. Repeat for the interior of your toilet for an immaculate finish.

Accomplish a Presentation-Ready Bathroom and Kitchen
How To Accomplish a Presentation-Ready Bathroom and Kitchen

Soak The Shower and Tub:

While you work on the toilet, spray some cleaning liquid over all surfaces in the shower and let it soak in for a few minutes as on surface stains, most cleaning agents require a little time to penetrate and do the dirty work for you thoroughly.

Tips For a Pristine Kitchen:

Perhaps it’s just me, but everything in life seems more doable when my kitchen is neat, clean, and organized! Deep cleaning is about digging deeper than a regular cleaning, so now is an excellent opportunity to tackle those areas that have been ignored.

Begin With the Refrigerator:

Begin by emptying your refrigerator and thoroughly cleaning every surface with a good all-purpose cleaner. Remove the fridge from the wall and vacuum. You might be surprised at how much has gathered back there. Finally, remember to clean the exterior and top of your refrigerator.

Dust Everything:

Dust the tops of cabinets, ceilings, wall corners, blinds, shelves, and cabinets with a duster.

Scrub windows:

Ensure both sides of the glass are cleaned with a cleanser and the sill.

How To Accomplish a Presentation-Ready Bathroom and Kitchen
How To Accomplish a Presentation-Ready Bathroom and Kitchen

Cleanse The Dishwasher:

It isn’t fair that we must clean the equipment we use to clean, but that is life. Place a dishwasher-safe bowl containing 1 cup of white vinegar on the bottom of the emptied dishwasher and turn on the dishwasher’s hot water cycle. The vinegar breaks down any lingering food, grease, soap scum, residue, or other grime.

Clean Your Oven and Stovetop:

To remove baked-on residue, spray your oven with an oven cleanser or utilize the self-cleaning mode. Remove the burners and thoroughly clean the entire surface.

Scrub Cabinetry:

Pay close attention to the range hood and cabinetry near the stove. Tough grease collects in this area.

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