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Construction and remodeling projects are inherently untidy. Projects frequently require demolition and installation, leaving behind unneeded scraps and materials and presenting a drastically different final product than you anticipate. Between the completion of restoration and the transfer of keys, there is a crucial step: post-construction cleaning.

Cleaning up after a building project isn’t simply about removing dust. It necessitates understanding how to dispose of hazardous materials safely, polish and clean brand-new flooring and walls, and deal with safety concerns such as loose wires or leaks. Consider post-construction cleaning to be like proofreading a book: it’s the last phase, but it’s critical for ensuring the finished result is what it should be.

The Stages of Post-Remodeling Cleaning:

Crude Clean:

The rough cleaning occurs either during or shortly after the construction work is completed. Scrubbing plywood or concrete to guarantee proper installation of the new flooring is part of the rough cleaning process. During the rough cleaning stage, the debris, residual building materials, and other large items will be appropriately disposed of. It also entails the removal of stickers and labeling from windows, doors, and other things and thorough cleaning of the entire area.

Light Clean:

The light clean stage of the post-construction cleanup is the most labor-intensive and requires the most equipment. Bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms with specific functions will be serviced. Toilets, sinks, windows, cupboards, and counters will all receive a thorough cleaning.

Premium Post-Remodelling Cleaning Services
Premium Post-Remodeling Cleaning Services

Final Clean:

The final clean is the phase where any last-minute touch-ups are applied. The dust or grime accumulated during the second phase will be swept or vacuumed during this stage. Our staff will also go over the room with a fine-toothed comb to remove any smudges, fingerprints, or markings leftover from the remodeling process.

Exterior Remodeling Cleanup:

For projects that require external work, our staff will additionally perform a cleaning check that involves clearing up any trash outside, inspecting caulk and paint for accuracy, and wiping off exterior windows. This phase is sometimes combined with the light, clean step—whatever suits your project.

Get Premium Post-Remodeling and Construction Cleaning- We’ll Perfect and Clean What You’ve Constructed:

At Now It’s Clean, we’ll clean up and perfect what you’ve created. Developers, builders, and contractors rely on our high-quality, dependable post-construction cleaning services. We assist with all your post-construction cleaning needs even before the dust settles. Before painting, mud and dust will be removed, pressure washing, garbage, and anything else you require.

We’re here to complete the job. Let us turn your building site into the clean, attractive masterpiece you envisioned.

We Guarantee Quality Post-Remodeling Cleaning Services:

At Now It’s Clean, we recognize the importance of having the site suitable for occupation once the building personnel has completed their work. We are also conscious of what the crews leave behind, and we are prepared to get the site ready in the shortest time possible. Our Toronto cleaners pay great attention to the minor details and take care of materials that others might overlook. Our skilled house cleaning service can transform your building site into a pleasant home or office so that you can enjoy it.

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