When it comes to hiring professional cleaners in Toronto, knowing which key qualities to look for can make for the optimal choice. Our team at Now It’s Clean can provide your home with a trusted house cleaning service in North York and we are here to share the qualities we portray as a go-to choice for home cleaning services. As a North York resident, if you are ready to transform your living space with a deep and thorough clean, continue reading this guideline to know what to look for. 

Credible Reputation 

When it comes to choosing a professional maid service in North York, it’s best to choose a reputable company. To check this, first check their reviews online to see what the community is saying about them. Then, turn to your friends and family to see if they have used this company before. One can also check to see if the company is insured and if they deliver on their promises. 

Scheduling that Aligns With Your Needs 

When you request for a timeslot for your cleaning services to take place, does the cleaning company agree to it or do you have to go back and forth on email trying to decide on a date and time that works? Having a cleaning staff that is available at convenient times for you is important as it can make the entire process seamless. As well, when scheduled, ensure the team shows up promptly. 


Not only should a cleaning company conduct themselves professionally and politely, but they should also possess the right skills and experience to complete the job successfully. Cleaners should be equipped to handle their clients from all angles. As well, the right cleaning products and techniques should be delivered to your home to end with professional results. 

Prioritizes Safety 

When it comes to services in your home, a cleaning team that prioritizes safety must be hired. A cleaning team should always prioritize client safety by providing trustworthy and transparent services. Information about insurance, cost, and permits should always be discussed upfront to secure a positive partnership. As well, the team should be trusted to lock up the home after the service has been completed. 

Strong Communication 

When it comes to communication, a cleaning team should be completely transparent. A home is a sacred place and therefore, should be served accordingly. A good cleaning team will inform the client of schedule changes, issues that arise, and payment information in a timely and accurate fashion. As well, for all questions, inquiries, and comments, a suitable cleaning team will provide answers promptly. 

How Our North York House Cleaning Team Can Help 

If you are ready to invest in housekeeping services in North York, it’s time that you choose Now It’s Clean – a team that can commit themselves to your quality of living. Not only does our cleaning team meet the above qualities, but our team also has a strong passion for cleaning. Contact our team at (647) 558-0707 today to inquire further about our high quality cleaning services  

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