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Think again if you’re an expert at thoroughly cleaning your home. There are likely some everyday household objects you’re overlooking.

While you may believe you’ve mastered the art of squeezing a sponge into every nook and corner and sterilizing your bathrooms in a matter of minutes, there’s a good chance your otherwise spotless housekeeping routine may use some tweaking.

Here are ten items in your home that you should consider cleaning more frequently if at all, because they’re likely dirty:

Cabinet And Refrigerator Handles and Doorknobs:

Consider all the knobs and handles you use regularly.

Cleaning the handles on your refrigerator and cabinets and doorknobs should be part of your regular cleaning routine.

We recommend using soapy water to remove any grease or dust from these handles and then leaving them to rinse and dry. Allow the solution to eliminate germs and bacteria, then polish off with a microfiber cloth.

Microwave And Stove Buttons and Other Daily Kitchen Appliances:

Wipe the buttons regularly on your microwave, stove, toaster, and oven.

Follow the directions carefully to get the most out of your cleaning product. We suggest you give the solution the longest feasible contact time before wiping it away. Spraying directly onto a surface is preferable to spraying onto a cloth and then wiping.

Replace Your Dishwash Sponge:

Bacteria are prone to infect objects that have been exposed to water. Hence, the warm, moist atmosphere inside a sponge is an excellent area for germs to grow.

Mix 10 percent household bleach with a 90 percent water solution to disinfect your sponge. After a week, replace your sponge.

Forget While Cleaning
Items You Shouldn’t Forget While Cleaning

Frozen Foods:

Pay close attention to items in the freezer because the pathogens can survive longer in cooler temperatures. Our technique is opening the food container, placing the frozen items on a clean plate, and washing your hands after discarding the packaging for added cleanliness.

Daily-use Cards:

A study revealed that 8% of credit cards are contaminated to the point where the quantities of germs detected are equal to that found on a dirty toilet seat.

We suggest wiping your cards with an antibacterial wipe, then gently cleaning the magnetic strip with an eraser.

Your Toothbrush Holder:

We advise replacing your toothbrush every three months. In addition, you must remember to clean the toothbrush holder as well. Cleaning the holder is usually as simple as washing it in warm, soapy water and leaving it to air dry.

Light Switches:

You may already wipe the switches in your hallway or kitchen, but don’t ignore bathroom switches.

Swab all surfaces of the switch and backplate using a disinfectant wipe or a cotton ball wet with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Make sure no liquid gets inside and allow it to air dry.

Forget While Cleaning
Items You Shouldn’t Forget While Cleaning


Pillows are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning the bedroom, yet they are a hotspot for dead skin and dust.

Most pillows are made to be machine washable, and by carefully putting them in the washer, you can get rid of all the filth that has gathered.


Since your laptop keyboard attracts a lot of dust and bacteria, start here when cleaning your laptop. Use disinfectant wipes to clean keyboard keys, using the mild pressure from your palm.

TV Remotes:

Another communal object that collects a lot of grime is the TV remote.

Remove the batteries first, then moisten a cloth with a disinfectant and wipe out the entire remote, paying particular attention to the areas between the buttons. For exceptionally tight places, use a cotton swab.

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