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Nothing is more complex than maintaining a clean and organized home all day. There will always be some places in your home that are dirty and greasy, no matter how regularly you clean them. To maintain a safe and hygienic home environment, it is necessary to pay extra attention to ignored spaces once or twice a month.

Here are the ten spots you may be neglecting to clean:

Washing Machine:

When leftover soap and water combine within the washing machine, it forms muck, which adheres to its seal and detergent drawer. Since the washing machine contains moisture, wash it regularly to avoid a musty odor and bacteria growth.

The Surface of Your Toilet:

The interior surface of the toilet bowl is usually cleaned regularly in most households, while the external surface is generally ignored. Since the bathroom is damp, the toilet’s exterior surface acquires dust, dirt, grime, and bacteria. Compared to a wall-mounted toilet, a floor-mounted toilet is more difficult to wash because it contains some hard-to-reach locations.

Shower Panes:

When we shower, contaminants such as soap scum, filth, dirt, and hair attach to the glass and go unseen. Make it a point to wipe this glass next time—it may appear clean to the untrained eye, but it is far from it.

Spots You May Be Neglecting While Cleaning
Spots You May Be Neglecting While Cleaning

Refrigerator Coil:

If you have pets, the refrigerator coil tends to accumulate a lot of dust and hairballs. The loop should be dusted regularly to keep the refrigeration process running smoothly.


Even though microwaves heat at very high temperatures, they can harbor pathogens. This is due to the possibility of fluids splattering all over the microwave while warming or germs spreading while defrosting various types of meat.

Kitchen Cabinet Tops:

One of the most overlooked and difficult-to-reach areas is the area between the roof of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. Dust, vermin, and filth quickly accumulate on the tops of cabinets, so clean them at least once a month.


Did you know that one of the dirtiest articles in the bedroom is the bed mattress? This is due to germs, dust mites, and bed bugs, which feed on dead skin if the mattress isn’t vacuumed regularly. Sweat, body oils, drink spills, and other food spills can potentially taint the mattress, so be sure to give it thorough vacuuming.


Your paperbacks may look lovely in your home library, yet they, too, require frequent cleaning and dusting. Dust the leather book covers with a gentle cloth and clear shoe polish. Brush the insides and use an art gum eraser to clean the paper.


When hot water is released from bathroom and kitchen taps, it creates a hot, humid atmosphere that is excellent for microbial development. Since soap and toothpaste discolor the faucets, wash regularly. Furthermore, because taps are frequently opened with filthy hands, some dirt is constantly present on them.

TV Remotes:

While the remote is used frequently and daily by various household members, many of us ignore the dirt that accumulates inside it? Why should we disregard the remote when we clean, wipe and dust the TV?

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