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With companies opening around the country, it’s critical that every employee feels comfortable in their workplace. To keep surfaces clean and individuals from transmitting germs, we need sophisticated processes. Office cleaning is generally essential, but we’ve put together this guide to provide tips on disinfecting common areas and washing off electronics.

Take a step back, though, and evaluate the advantages of a clean and well-organized working space. Employees have higher health and well-being and are more likely to be productive. When systems and equipment are not in disarray or clogged with filth, they operate better and last longer. A clean and well-organized environment will provide an excellent first impression when guests arrive at your business. Keep in mind that frequent cleaning provides an incremental benefit. As a result, your planning schedule is an essential piece of equipment.

1. Disinfect the common area and kitchen

Common areas (or break rooms) and kitchens experience lots of traffic, which will cause a peril if the spaces aren’t kept spotless. People are preparing and eating food during this space, so it’s essential to disinfect all countertops, tables, shelves, and sinks with high-quality disinfectant spray.

The handles and insides of refrigerators and microwaves should be kept spotless. Old food has to be thrown out, and also the interior surfaces also must be wiped down regularly. And don’t forget to disinfect surfaces that folks regularly grab, like coffee pot handles and drawer knobs. To keep everything and everybody as healthy as possible, consider posting signs as reminders to take care of clean and sanitized spaces.

2. Sanitize the restrooms

Restrooms are heavy traffic, a part of the office that should be checked throughout the day. At a minimum, daily cleaning is essential for a secure restroom environment. This includes wiping down all surfaces, including door handles, scrubbing toilets, sweeping and mopping floors, and keeping soap and paper towels/toilet paper stocked. It’s also a simple idea to stay in a tiny low ashbin near the restroom door so visitors can grab the door handle with a towel and toss it before leaving.

Office Space Cleaning
5 Must-Haves of Any Office Space Cleaning Routine

3. Don’t forget the conference rooms

A clean office could be a sign of respect – for workers, visitors, and our society typically. That’s why it’s crucial to stay the room spotless – because it’s an area that potential business partners will visit and see daily. It’s also where groups gather, which raises the percentage of spreading germs.

Modern room spaces are nearly always already equipped with hand sanitizer and tissues. The rooms should feel clean and bright, with all surfaces and equipment wiped down regularly. We’ll cover cleaning conference phones and other technology within the next section.

4. Clean technology properly 

Office cleaning isn’t an actual science, but certain items must be explicitly cleaned; for example, your tech equipment may have to be cleaned with an alcohol-free solution or as little water as possible (i.e., a moist cloth).

Other tech products may be disinfected with alcohol-based wipes and sprays, betting on how they’re designed. For cleaning keyboards, mice, office phones, and other everyday equipment, we recommend following the care guidelines outlined by the manufacturer. If you’re unsure where to begin, follow the CDC guidelines for disinfecting facilities. When cleaning Yamaha UC conferencing equipment, we recommend employing a spray or wipe with 70% alcohol content.

5. Be consistent about cleanliness

Keeping a homogenous cleaning schedule is simpler said than done, but germs are going to be more likely to spread without cleaning regularly. It is recommended to put a recurring reminder in your calendar or note-taking app so that you recognize precisely when and where to scrub. Plus, you’ll use the office cleaning checklist below to ensure that you don’t miss a spot.

Office Space Cleaning
5 Must-Haves of Any Office Space Cleaning Routine

Essential Checklist

What about the gritty reality of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks? Different though organizations are, many cleaning schedule tasks are every day in most offices. You will alter the frequency that they’re required.

Daily office and Reception Area:

  • Clear mugs from desks
  • Vacuum all floors (including staircases if relevant) 
  • Wipe down desks and keyboards
  • Empty waste bins and replace bin bags 
  • Wipe clean door handles


  • Mop and disinfect floors
  • Clean toilet bowls and sinks
  • Sanitize toilet seats, cisterns, and bowl exterior
  • Replenish bathroom tissue
  • Wipe clean mirrors

Kitchen area:

  • Wipe down kitchen appliances
  • Wash up crockery and put away
  • Wipe down sink and board


  • Clean any marks on walls, Remove any cobwebs, and Clean client-facing windows.
  • Remove cobwebs; if there are any.
  • Clean client-facing windows
  • Polish all reflective surfaces, hardwood surfaces, etc
  • Get rid of out-of-date food from the refrigerator Refill any utilities like kitchen towels, hand wash, and washing up liquid.

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