When a new year comes around, so do your resolutions and goals for the rest of the year. In many situations, people imagine themselves getting out of bed early, working hard for that raise or delving into that new hobby they’ve always wanted to start. Regardless of what your resolutions are and why they are important to you, it’s crucial that they are followed in order for them to be properly completed.  

For a lot of people, cleaning is quite a big resolution. This is because it can be very difficult to maintain cleaning tasks when you’re already busy with your personal/work life. You can always hire a Toronto cleaning service, but when you want to make cleaning part of your upcoming new year’s resolution, our team at Now It’s Clean wants to help you maintain this goal. With our advice, you will be that much closer to the clean home you’ve always wanted.  

Say Goodbye To Clutter! 

Clutter is by far the most prominent type of mess during the new year. After Christmas, boxing day and just the holidays in general, clutter piles up by the mass and can create quite the obstructions in your home. This includes your Christmas tree and any other decorations you put up in preparation for the holidays as well.  

In order to ensure you fully follow your cleaning resolutions, the first and most important step is to get rid of all of this post-holiday clutter. This will include things such as gift boxes, gift wrap, receipts, tags and more. Make sure you have your cleaning organized with bins/bags for trash and for things to put away in the home. This way, it can be easier to put all of your gifts away in one go once you’re done cleaning.  

Details Come Next 

Just as there is a stockpile of gifts during this season, there is also usually lots of cooking that is done within the kitchen. With all of this food preparation, your space is bound to get dirty with crumbs, grime, grease and more—especially when you have hosted holiday parties over the season. It is important to understand that once the main clutter is out of the way, that small detailed cleaning such as washing the dishes or vacuuming is just as important to maintain a clean home for weeks and months to come. These are the kinds of tasks that need to be done periodically, as the mess for these things will pile up regardless of the time of year. Wiping on out of reach surfaces, checking shower curtains and window sills are all important things to do to look out for any irritants such as dust or mold that may be making people sick. It’s these small areas that aren’t often seen that can collect some of the nastiest mess & dirt. 

Inspect Indoor Air Quality 

As we briefly mentioned in our previous point, things such as dust and mold can irritate people’s lungs and make it hard to breathe in the comfort of their own home. In other cases, gases like carbon monoxide can have an even deadlier effect. According to the United States EPA, this odorless and colourless gas is responsible for up to 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year. Because of this, you will want to be certain that your monoxide detector is always working and replaced with batteries when it is running low. Being sure that you periodically check this device will ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe. In addition, always make sure to replace furnace/dryer filters and clean the inside of your ducts and vents, as these can collect large amounts of dust and irritate your lungs or, in more serious situations, cause a fire.  

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