When your apartment undergoes a renovation, things can be left quite messy. So messy, in fact, that it can be difficult figuring out where to start. The good news is that there are certain techniques you can implement to ensure that your post renovation cleaning goes off without a hitch. To learn about how to do so, check out the information we here at Now It’s Clean have to offer below.

1. Dust Away That Dirt & Debris!

When a renovation has just been completed, chances are there’s a bunch of wood, drywall and other debris lying on the ground and nearby surfaces. Start with the surfaces highest to the ceiling and dust/wipe them down, pushing all of the remaining debris onto the floor. Once all of the upper surfaces have been taken care of, you can begin to work on sweeping the floor of all its debris. 

2. Mopping Time

Once the bits and pieces have been properly removed off of the floor of your apartment, the next step is to mop the floors clean. This ensures that any skid marks from shoes, furniture, equipment or otherwise are properly cleaned. This also helps get rid of any potential spills and unpleasant stains/odours. Once that is finished, you can wipe down the other areas of your newly renovated space with a damp cloth. Always be sure to use window cleaner on the windows and mirrors to get rid of any potential leftover debris from the project as well.

3. Perform a Final Inspection for Stains

Although the mopping can usually take care of all the stains on the floor, other stains can become an issue on fabrics such as curtains, linen, furniture etc. These mistakes can have a serious effect on the result of your home, and can be extremely frustrating to come across. The best way to have this issue dealt with is by contacting cleaning professionals, as this tends to be more complicated work. 

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