When you decide to renovate your home, whether it be just a part of it or the whole thing, a lot goes into the project itself. With all of these steps, alterations and materials, this action is bound to make a lot of mess. After a renovation is completed, it is common knowledge that you will want this upgrade to look its cleanest. Here at Now It’s Clean, we want to talk about all of the reasons why a post renovation cleaning is important, as well as everything you need to know about them.  

What Does This Cleaning Entail? 

Unlike home cleanings with their own specific list of tasks and duties, post-renovation cleanings require more specialzied, situation-specific tasks. In most cases, this type of renovation cleaning will be in need of much more work than a regular one. With all of the dust and debris having the potential to be extremely small in size, it is easy for this dirt to get stuck in between unseen cracks and corners within the room/home. Getting these types of messes cleaned will take more effort; and this is why we recommend hiring a cleaning service that specializes in this type of cleaning (such as us here at Now It’s Clean). 

All of the techniques/tasks that professional cleaning companies will often use in this type of situation include: 

  • Dusting: One of the biggest hazards after a renovation is the amount of dust in the air. This dust can settle nearly everywhere within your space, having the potential to irritate residents lungs and mess with their otherwise good health. Cleaning the dust is extremely important post-renovation. 
  • Ventilation: Adding onto our last point — dust can unfortunately find itself in places such as ducts and vents within the home. Luckily, professional cleaners will carefully clean these areas to remove any dust that could possibly enter the air of your home. 
  • Windows: Dust and debris can also get stuck within windows, due to their small cracks and crevices. When you get a post-renovation cleaner to do the job, they will ensure this part is cleaned out meticulously so every part of your renovation looks its shiniest. 
  • Floors: During a renovation, things are often taken apart, hammered down, replaced, drilled, you name it. With all of this destruction and reinstallation, dust, wood, dirt and other debris are more than likely to be scattered across the floor. Our pro cleaners will ensure that your floors are their absolute cleanest after this type of renovation. 

Why Is This Cleaning Important? 

When it comes down to it, this cleaning is crucial because it requires special techniques, products, equipment and chemicals to be done in the right way. Ensuring that your space looks its best post-renovation can only be done properly by those who are deemed professionals. Traditional cleaning, in this sense, just won’t cut it and will not provide you with the results you desire. Hiring a cleaner for this project also makes it all the much quicker and safer to enter your new space, full of upgraded features, materials, devices and more.  

How Our Team Can Help 

If you have undergone a renovation as of recently or are planning on implementing one and are looking for the right cleaning company to help clean up all of the bothersome mess afterward, we here at Now It’s Clean have got you covered. With our highly experienced cleaners, specialized in a number of different types of cleanings, you can be certain that your space, regardless of its type or size, is taken care of in the best way possible. To learn more about how to book a post renovation cleaning in Toronto with our team, be sure to call us at (647) 558-0707 today. 

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