When you are deciding to move into a new place, one of the most crucial services you will need to consider is deep house cleaning assistance. When you hire deep cleaners to tidy up your new home, they will ensure that every spot is completely clean before furniture and other items get in the way and take its place, making the areas unable to clean effectively. To learn about how to go about this cleaning step by step (or rather how a cleaning service goes through this process step by step), check out the information we here at Now It’s Clean have offered below. 


As much as a previous home owner would like to admit they cleaned their bathroom before they left, chances are there’s still some residue of dirt and germs; especially in an area such as this. Bathrooms are well known to be one of the germiest places in the home, so when deep cleaners enter this space you can be certain they are covering all the bases. 

Cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom comes first and is of utmost importance. This means going over the tiles (on the floor and the shower walls), showers, bidets, toilets, sinks, vanities, counterspace, doors, tubs and more. These surfaces will not just be wiped down and sanitized, but also be removed of any dust or grime. This way, you can enter your new bathroom and find nothing but shiny, sparkly surfaces.

Hallways & Rooms

When deep cleaners work on your hallways and bedrooms/living rooms, everything including window sills, wood, mirrors, windows and more will be tidied up. Even small ledges that you would otherwise look over are wiped down to ensure everything is 100% ready for your new move. If there is dust, it will be dusted, if there are any cobwebs or fingerprints on the walls or in gaps/corners, they will be removed accordingly. Vacuuming the floors, tidying up any leftover mess and getting rid of the garbage are also other steps that go into new home deep cleanings.


After all of the rooms and hallways have been cleared out and the bathroom(s) have been sanitized from top to bottom, the last step of this process will be working on the kitchen. Just like the cleaning process of the bathroom, everything will need to be wiped down and sanitized completely. The only difference is that the items are different, and will include things such as the dishwasher, the oven/stovetop, the range hood, the countertops, the fridge, the sink, the cabinets, and so on and so forth. Even the insides of appliances will be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that cooking in your new home won’t come with any mess or complications.

How We Can Help

When it comes down to it, hiring move in move out cleaning services to tidy up your new home is the best way to ensure that you can go about your space with the best efficiency and convenience. If you want a professional cleaning company in Toronto that will do it right the first time, then our experience and skills at Now It’s Clean will provide you with everything you could possibly ask for. To learn more about how to start a Real Estate Deep Cleaning in Toronto with us, be sure to call us at (647) 558-0707 today!

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