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Making your rental property ready for the next renter is crucial to the long-term profitability of your rental property enterprise. Every renter desires and should desire to move into an immaculately clean property. On the other hand, prospective applicants do not want to tour a dirty property even before they have made their decision. After all, initial impressions are always the most enduring. As a result, it is critical to maintaining a clean and well-maintained property. As a result, continue reading below to learn how to clean your rental home before selling it thoroughly – and, of course, before a renter moves in.

Move-out inspection

It would be best to make it a point to attend the move-out because it is a crucial component of the leasing process. This is the only opportunity for tenants to contest property damage; listening helps you avoid having to pay for bogus claims that were submitted in writing.

Your presence also makes it easier to have essential conversations, such as determining which remaining damages or repairs are the tenants’ duty and the landlord’s responsibility. This opportunity to hand up any relevant move-out incentives will help you avoid any potential arguing later on. Don’t forget to obtain all of the unit keys back, including any copies made by the renter.

Remove the clutter

A move-out usually leaves a mess behind, and most of the time, the house is packed with debris. It is possible to have a tidy, visually displeasing place if the house is dirty and disorganized. You will need to learn how to clean a rental house before moving in, but you may improve the appearance of your property by clearing all the clutter before you move in. Consider getting rid of the mess as a way to kill two birds with one stone, as you will both tidy your home and create extra space in your home as a result. The result will be that your rental property will appear cleaner when renters or property managers in Utah come by for an inspection.

Cleaning rental properties
Cleaning rental properties

Clean and Fix the Walls

This is critically crucial. To ensure that there are no holes or damage to the walls and clean, check them thoroughly. You may always grab a little can of paint from your toolbox to touch things up. If there is anything on the walls that is obvious, you will not be able to get your money returned. 

Clean the fridge

While you have tenants renting your property, this is one chore that will never be adequately completed. Please take advantage of the vacancy while it exists. In the opinion of the experts at HGTV, there is a proper technique to clean a refrigerator: “The finest refrigerator cleaner is a mixture of salt and soda water.” It is a beautiful cleaner because of the bubbling action of soda water combined with the abrasive texture of salt.” Please use this solution to wipe clean the entire unit for a win-win situation, as it also helps prevent future mold and mildew build-up. While you’re at it, spend a bit additional time cleaning some of the more difficult-to-reach areas of your appliances that could use some tender loving care.


If your house contains a garden or swimming pool in the front or rear yard, you must keep it looking lush. The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated. You’re outside will reveal a great deal about the property owner. While maintaining a garden requires a significant financial expenditure, it will attract the attention of high-end tenants. Keep your yard and outside in good condition by cleaning and maintaining them regularly. Ensure that the swimming pool is clean, that trash and leaves are removed from patio areas, and that any decking is thoroughly cleaned. Maintain your outside appearance by repairing broken gates, pruning bushes, weeding the yard, and mowing the lawns.

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