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It’s challenging to open a window when you suffer from environmental allergies, let alone clean your house without introducing additional dust, dander, pollen, or mold into the mix. However, allowing allergies to accumulate in your home will not benefit you in any way. It’s essential to know how to clean when you have allergies unless you prefer having itchy eyes and sneezing fits all day.

Products to Use 

To avoid irritating allergy patients, non-toxic cleaning agents are the most effective option. People who have allergies may benefit from “green” cleaning products, but it’s essential to read the labels carefully because some products still include unpleasant ingredients.

Vacuuming Is Important

If you want a dust-free environment in your house, you should thoroughly vacuum your carpets and upholstered furniture. As a housewife, you should use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to remove dust, filth, pollen, and other contaminants that have gathered deep into the fibers of your carpets and furniture.

Vacuuming your floor coverings and other surfaces at least twice a week is recommended to help prevent allergies and hazardous microorganisms in the home. Use a vacuum machine equipped with a HEPA filter for the best results, as it can capture tiny particles of dander, dust, pet fur, and pollens, among other contaminants.

House cleaning tips
House cleaning tips

Clean Curtains & Blinds

Curtains and blinds quickly acquire dust and debris, and there is no ignoring this fact. As a result, make careful to vacuum them up with an attachment if possible. 

You can also wash your curtains once a week, especially if you live with someone who suffers from allergies.

Beds Linens

It’s true, believe it or not! Because of the dead skin, pet dander, hair, and pollen that accumulates on your bedsheets might be dangerous if you have asthma or other allergic reactions. It is recommended that you wash your bedsheets once a week using a moderate, fragrance-free detergent to help ease the symptoms of allergies.

Vacuum your bedding and mattress at least once or twice a week as well. 

Dust weekly

A microfiber cloth is one of the best cleaning recommendations for allergy sufferers, and it is one of the most effective. Using other types of dusters is similar to using a broom in that they will just disperse allergens throughout the house, which might cause an allergy or asthma attack. On the other hand, microfiber is specially engineered to capture microscopic particles, which means it will perform a better overall job of dust removal.

Moisture to a minimum

When cleaning for allergies, it is critical to keep wetness under control. Bathroom dampness, if left unchecked, can increase the number of mold spores flying around your home. Wipe the bathroom walls and floors with a microfiber cloth, and leave the doors open after leaving the room to allow the space to breathe. It would help if you also left the shower curtain pulled back to allow some airflow into the shower. In addition, clean behind the toilet once a week to remove any hair or dust accumulated there.

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