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Being a senior citizen can be challenging, especially when keeping a clean and safe house for yourself and your family. 

If you’ve been cleaning for an elderly family member, friend, or loved one in your life and are seeking ways to assist them in being self-sufficient, we have some suggestions to help you be more efficient while also reducing some of the unique risks that seniors experience, read on.


Seniors have lived long lives and have typically amassed a large number of valuable possessions that they may find difficult to part with. The greater the number of goods in your home, the greater the amount of cleaning required and the greater the difficulty of cleaning. Remove stuff from your home that you don’t use and store goods that have sentimental value but aren’t actually valuable for storage.

House Cleaning Tips for Seniors
House Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Make a Checklist

It’s best to include a few daily and weekly duties as well as some deep cleaning jobs that might necessitate the assistance of a few extra hands in your list. Caregivers can assist in creating the list and determining which things the senior can complete on his or her own and which ones may necessitate the assistance of others.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Various cleaning products available on the market claim to be able to sanitize in minutes, yet many of these cleansers are potentially hazardous. They may contain volatile organic compounds and acidic substances that can be harmful to your eyes, lungs, and skin, among other organs and tissues.

Try to sanitize with natural and organic cleaning agents, such as those used by professional end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne to avoid overexposure to potentially hazardous chemicals and toxins.

Cleaning Schedule

Preparing a timetable and following it will ensure that every area of the house is cleaned on a regular basis and that nothing is overlooked.

Rooms that are used the most, such as the bathroom and the kitchen, should be cleaned first because they require regular cleaning. Break apart the duties as much as feasible according to the day of the week and the time of day that they must be completed. For example, dishes can be washed and loaded into the dishwasher every night before bed, while vacuuming can be planned once a week. Instead of having one cleaning day a week, clean every day and complete one chore at a time to save time.

Food Storage

In terms of food storage, it is critical to maintaining a high organization level. When perishable foods in the refrigerator reach the end of their shelf life, they can constitute a health threat and should be thrown out as soon as possible.


Dishwashing is one of those regular chores that may quickly become daunting if not done correctly. The practice of leaving dishes to be washed later might result in a stack of dirty dishes and a duty that feels burdensome. It is not always possible for elders to wash their dishes after every meal or even every day.

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