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You’ll be focused on hiring an excellent general contractor as you plan for a major renovation. Selecting materials and calculating expenses are also on the to-do list. With such a large to-do list, it’s easy to forget about site preparation and security. It has a significant impact on your home during and after the makeover.

Consult your contractor about site preparation and protection.

In most cases, contractors collaborate with you to protect the existing area. However, its primary purpose is to prevent damage rather than to mask dirt and filth. Your flooring should not be scraped or dented, but it could be dusty, streaky, or even sticky. They’ll have to be cleaned up afterward. You should talk to the contractor about your expectations for cleanliness during the renovation. Depending on the project and the contractor, what services are included and what cost.

How do I clean my house after renovation
How do I clean my house after renovation?

Decide about whether to stay during the renovations.

Site preparation is crucial, especially for homeowners renovating only a portion of their property. It’s much more essential if you intend to stay in your house during the remodeling. Staying put may be more expensive than moving out totally. Every day, extra time and effort are put into set-up and tear-down. First, crews must lay down paper, hang a tarp, and install other protective barriers. To allow the owners to utilize their home at night, all must be taken down after the workday.

Prepare and protect your home, as well as the construction site, by sealing it.

If you’re not doing a complete gut remodel, you can reduce the interruption and minimize the mess by doing the following:

Hang a heavy-duty tarp (at least.8 millimeters thick) from the ceiling down to the floor to create a seal around the restoration zone. Tape both edges of the tarp to contact the ceiling, walls, and floor with masking tape. Tension rods can also assist in support of large tarps. No matter how minor, all spaces you leave will allow particles to pass through. Consider adding an adhesive zipper to your tarp if you require a flap for access and exit.

Protect everything you’re retaining in the renovation zone. Construction paper should be used to cover the floors (maybe even a double layer, as insurance against tearing). A tarp can be used to cover window treatments or appliances (again, leaving no gaps).

Consider putting continuous paper or tarp through all high-traffic areas if the reno zone is in the center of your home. This will keep filth from spreading around the room.

Cover all furniture in the house with a drop cloth or tarp, especially textile surfaces like couches and beds.

Apply masking tape to the spaces between closet doors and the floor to seal them. There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to wash all fyour dusty clothes because you forgot. It’s important to protect your home during a renovation, but you will inevitably need a thorough cleaning once the project is over. We offer post renovation cleaning in Toronto to ensure your new space is spick and span. Learn more about what our cleaners in Toronto can do for you.

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