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Hiring a maid or a house cleaning service may appear to be the ultimate luxury for many of us. However, your time is valuable, and the time you spend scrubbing the kitchen floor could be better spent elsewhere, not to mention more enjoyable.

What is the value of your time to you?

Every decision we make in life has an associated cost. Some of our actions are financial, but others necessitate the surrender of other assets, such as time.

Do you want your house to be cleaner?

Hiring a maid might be a good idea if you clean your home regularly, or at least occasionally, but are dissatisfied with the results.

Cleaning is something that some people may be better at than others.

There is an option in the middle. Limit professional services to once or twice a month and make a vow to yourself to maintain the home decently clean in-between visits.

Is it worth it to have a cleaning lady?
Is it worth it to have a cleaning lady?

Setting aside a few minutes each day for routine cleaning can’t hurt. And with some professional assistance, your home could be cleaner than it has ever been.

Think about your budget.

If you have any credit card bills due or high-interest loans, you should pay them off first before spending on a maid service or anything else.

Meeting other priorities, such as essential living expenditures, emergency savings, and retirement savings, is the same.

A maid is a want, not a need, no matter how you look at the cost.

Corporate vs. Independent Maid Services

You have different options to consider if you decide to afford a maid and want to hire one. One of the most crucial decisions is hiring an independent maid or leasing a home cleaning service.

Independent maids are often less expensive, and you pay the service provider 100% of the money. A friend or neighbor can be able to recommend a suitable applicant.

On the other hand, a professional cleaning company in Toronto may have insurance, proper background checks, and a higher level of trustworthiness. Because these businesses employ many people, scheduling is usually flexible.

In the Greater Toronto Area, are you looking for a dependable and consistent house cleaning service? Now It’s Clean is a company that takes pride in offering a 100% clean guarantee!

If Your Home Is Not Cleaned To Our Strict Requirements Or You Notice Something That Was Missed, We Will Return To Your Home The Next Day At No Additional Charge To Complete A Complete New Reclean Of Your Home! 

Now It’s Clean can clean for you on a weekly, bi-weekly, three-weekly, one-time, and special occasion basis.

Now It’s Clean will keep your loved ones secure from germs and filthy environments. Now It’s Clean is just a phone call away for your floors, bathrooms, bedrooms, windows, walls, and baseboards!

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