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If you’ve recently purchased a new couch, rug, or even an armchair, it’s natural to feel a little protective of it. It does not matter if the piece of furniture was formerly in style and cost a small fortune, or if it is simply a piece of furniture you enjoy and want to keep in good condition.

The ability to protect your furniture from unsightly stains will extend the piece’s longevity. Continue reading to learn seven of the most effective ways to protect your furniture against stains.

The Right Fabric

Let’s face it, having a white linen sofa in your living room is a bit of a stretch if you have children or even grandchildren that come over now and then. Because of their unclean hands and a lack of coordination, your exquisite white cloth is in significant danger of becoming soiled and stained.

Regarding durability and stain resistance, fabrics with a higher artificial fiber composition are preferable to materials with higher natural fiber content. Synthetic fibers are less stain-resistant than natural fabrics, and they are also more durable in general. This is beneficial to couch owners since the sofa will be less likely to retain the stain.

How to Protect Furniture From Stains

Stain Guard

Stain protection is one of the most effective ways to keep your sofa from becoming stained.

If you want to keep that fresh look, we recommend using Guardsman Fabric or Leather Care Products. When it comes to protecting your sofa against stains, it’s best to do it before any stains form. Removing the paint is much easier to accomplish if and when the color occurs.

If you do not want to spray stain protectors on your sofa, speak with your consultant about stain-resistant treatments that can be put into the fabric before it is built into your sofa. Inquire about textiles that have stain protection incorporated into the fibers, such as those made using Fibreguard technology.

Clean Often

Another technique to keep your furniture free of stains is to clean it regularly. The more frequently you clean, whether with a furniture-safe product or just by vacuuming, the less likely you will experience colors.

When you vacuum your furniture, you avoid errant crumbs (and their oils) from embedding themselves into the fabric, and cleaning with an upholstery spray can help any set-ins slowly make their way out.

If you attempt this and discover that there are stains that you cannot remove, hiring a professional is always a wise decision.

Change Your Habits

Now, you don’t have to carry a towel around to dab up any moisture you come across in the house, but changing a few of your behaviors can make a significant difference in the longevity of your furniture’s finish.

According to statistics, sticky foods are responsible for 65 percent of all stains. To practice stain prevention, just eating in your dining room or setting up a tiny table on your living room floor is a good idea. If making a blanket fort and eating popcorn and sweets on the couch is a family ritual, try making a blanket fort and eating snacks on the floor instead. You may even forego the defense entirely and arrange blankets on the floor for an indoor picnic while watching movies on the big screen instead. If you wish to put pillows on the floor, cover those up, and you won’t have to worry about anything!

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