Professional cleanings are a great way to make your home look its most spectacular. They go above and beyond normal cleanings one often does on their own, making for a more enjoyable time within the home. Not only will your general mood be better in a cleaner home, but the way you go about your home and operate in your space will be more efficient and productive as well. There are studies to back all of these claims, in that having a cleaner home makes for a cleaner mindset overall. 

Even though a professional house cleaning is highly effective, they can also get pricey. Because of this, many people will space their professional cleanings apart in month/year increments. We believe this is completely fine (and really smart), but it can be easy to have your home get messy in between these periods without the right upkeep. While professional cleanings will cover most of the larger issues, the smaller messes should always be maintained, as you don’t want them to pile up and become a bigger issue. 

To learn about how to maintain a clean home in between these periods where you get professional cleanings, let our Toronto cleaning company help with our advice listed below. 

Daily Routines Are Ideal 

One of the best ways to maintain a clean home in between cleanings is with daily routines. These can be as simple as making your bed in the morning and as intricate as clearing out your fridge and its food/drinks every day. When you get into these kinds of daily routines, you keep everything clean for months on end. Used some dishes when you ate? Clean them right after you’re done eating to avoid the hassle down the line. Washed your hands in the sink? Rinse the bowl of the sink to make sure no soap scum collects on the surface. These little things can be completed in a matter of seconds but do wonders for your home if you keep to them every day.  

Focus on The Main Areas of The Home 

If you want to maintain a tidy home, making sure the common areas are clean above everything else is vital. These will usually be the areas where you bring guests as well as the areas where you spend the most time in. In most cases, this will be rooms such as the living room, the entertainment area, the kitchen and the foyer. Personal rooms like the bedrooms, the study or the laundry room require less effort to maintain, as these areas will not be seen by most. When you shift your focus onto the common areas of your home, you can keep a tidy home until your cleaners come by again to rework everything. 

Let Our Team Help 

Professional cleanings come easy to our team at Now It’s Clean. With our help, we offer cleanings that keep your home tidy for months afterward. This is due to our highly experienced team on standby, always ready to clean your space at an affordable price. We have a bunch of specialty services that go above and beyond to make your place look its most spotless. To learn more about our maid services in Toronto, be sure to phone us at (647) 558-0707 today! 

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