If you were to ask an office worker, “Where are the dirtiest places in the office?”, the most typical response would include their keyboard or surfaces in the bathroom. Now It’s Clean performs professional Office Cleaning in Toronto and we are here to share with you the top six dirtiest places located within the office. Failure to clean these places effectively can lead to workers developing health issues or illnesses. To see what you should be sterilizing in the office, keep reading. 

Buttons on the Photocopier Machine 

Did you know that the buttons on a photocopier machine are one of the most germ-ridden places in the office? Studies have found that the buttons actually contain more germs than the average public toilet seat does. The good news is – the buttons can easily be cleaned with a disinfectant solution. 

The Top of the Desk 

How often does your office desk get cleaned with a disinfectant solution? And no, a damp cloth does not count. Many office workers use their desks as a place to snack, drink, and hold garbage until they leave for the day. On desks, spilled beverages also are common and over time, these areas serve as a hotspot for germs to spread. 

Vending Machine Buttons 

While most offices have a vending machine, have you ever seen it being cleaned? The buttons or screen on a vending machine turn out to be a great host for harmful germs or bacteria as many people use this machine in a day. With each touch, more germs are spread and the buttons turn into a breeding ground for more germs to collect and gather. 


While keyboards are easy to clean, this does not mean that each office worker takes action to do so. The keyboard is known as one of the biggest ecosystems for germs in an office. Dirt, dust, and allergens tend to collect in this space and most of the time; they can end up making a worker sick. A proper technique and solution should be used every day. 

The Fridge Handle 

Before entering the fridge for lunch, every person in the office should wash their hands – although this rarely happens. The fridge handle in the office is probably one of the most touching items by everyone in the office. For this reason, the handle and surface should be cleaned with a premium disinfectant solution daily. 

The Restroom Door Handle 

Unfortunately, it has been found that restroom door handles contain fecal matter and other germs that often travel from person to person. A single restroom door knob typically hosts over a million harmful microbes, making its cleaning an everyday job – if not multiple times a day depending on the size of the office. 

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