Here at Now It’s Clean, we are well versed in everything cleaning related. Because of this, we get a lot of questions regarding how to properly perform a house cleaning, as well as what skills and techniques we use. Another common question that is often asked is what rooms are considered the most important to clean. Today, we would like to answer this question in detail. 

The Quick Answer 

While we wish this answer was simple, the rooms that are most important to clean will depend on your situation. The most important rooms will also depend on where your priorities lie. If you get more stressed about clutter, then the two most important rooms to clean will likely be the bedrooms and the living rooms. With the changes from the pandemic, however, more people are likely to worry about germs and bacteria. This will mean that in your situation, areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom are the most important to clean due to the current world we’re living in. 

Kitchen Cleaning Guide 

Cleaning a kitchen can be difficult because in many cases one is unsure where to begin. Some few important tips to remember when keeping your kitchen clean include: 

  • Washing your dishes at the end of the day. While it can be tempting to do this job early in the morning to get it over with, cleaning your dishes at the end of the day ensures there won’t be any dishes piled up later on. 
  • Sweeping at night. Just like doing the dishes, sweeping is a cleaning task that should be done near the end of the day as well. Kitchens require lots of cooking, and food collects lots of crumbs. Making sure your floors are clean of any food guarantees a decreased risk of infestation and a generally clean area. 
  • Wiping down all surfaces & handles. When you want to be certain your kitchen is free of germs & bacteria, be sure to wipe down all of your counters, fridge handles, cabinet handles, stovetops, etc.  

Bathroom Cleaning Guide 

Bathrooms are definitely considered one of the most bacteria filled rooms in all of the house. This is understandable, however, as this area is where you go to wash off all the dirt from the busy day you just had. Because of this, making sure a bathroom area is as clean as possible (especially during a global pandemic), is vital to optimal health and wellness. Some of the advice we want to offer is as follows: 

  • Declutter as much as possible. Since bathroom spaces are much smaller in size, it is very easy for things to pile up and cause a mess. Whether it’s the space under your sink, the cabinet above your sink or the shelves in your shower, clutter can become an issue quite quickly.  
  • Scrubbing brushes are vital. Making sure that a bath/shower area is clean means owning a scrubbing brush. These do wonders for a bathroom, and ensure that every spot of grime, limescale and rust is removed properly. 
  • Clean your toilet frequently. This is quite the unpleasant fact, but it’s true that flushing your toilet can cause feces particles to release into the air. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure to clean your toilet the moment it starts to look dirty. 

How Our Team Can Help 

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