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When you are a clean freak, sharing an office with other people can be a challenge, especially when you are working with people who don’t appear to care about clutter or workplace hygiene. However, even if your company uses a regular commercial cleaning service, it is conceivable that some cleaning chores are not receiving the attention they need.

The cleaning methods listed below can assist you in maintaining a comfortable level of hygiene and cleanliness in and around the office while keeping dust, grime, and germs at bay as well.

Bathroom/lunchroom etiquette

The lunchroom and the restroom are frequently the most heavily utilised public locations in a company, out of all of its other public spaces. Due to the fact that food can be contaminated, it does not take long for a clean lunchroom to devolve into a shambles. Individuals, on the other hand, can create quite a disaster for themselves. Everyone expects some locations to be tidy, but not everyone helps to maintain these areas looking their best. Establishing explicit guidelines for behaviour in the lunchroom and restrooms is one strategy to addressing this problem.

Details Matter

When it comes to maintaining a clean atmosphere, you may be accustomed to looking at the broad picture in business, but the tiny details are crucial to the overall success. Small touches such as washing down the baseboards or cleaning the kitchen sink can make a tremendous difference, even if it is difficult to fathom why a space appears to be so organised and immaculate.

Office cleanup tips
Office cleanup tips

Clean plant leaves

Plants may appear to be just another thing that adds to the clutter in the office of individuals who are obsessed with keeping their workspace tidy. But, before you discard them, remember that plants actually contribute to the purification of the air we breathe! Plants aid in the purification of the air by releasing humidity back into the atmosphere, which is especially advantageous in air-conditioned environments.

In order to prevent dust from collecting on the leaves of indoor plants (if you don’t already have any, you should get some), it is necessary to wipe them down with a damp cloth from time to time.

Fridge cleaning rota

Have you noticed that the leftover food in the office fridge has evolved into a type of extraterrestrial life? Because of this, you may find yourself avoiding using the refrigerator at the office. It may be time to set up a refrigerator cleaning programme for the business. At the very least, it has a foul odour to it, if not more. The fact that it is a health issue in terms of cleanliness is at the very least a concern.

Each and every member of the community has an obligation to ensure that the communal kitchen and refrigerator are in good working order. Those who consume food should be asked to keep track of when it was purchased and to take responsibility for throwing out food that has gone bad. Ensure that the fridge is cleaned once a week and that the crew removes any remaining food at the end of each week by following these guidelines.

Desk and the telephone

The use of disinfectant wipes on your desk once a week, together with the regular cleaning of your phone, can help to avoid the collection of dust and other particles such as dirt and grime, food stains, fingerprints, and bacteria on your computer and phone. Moreover, it provides a weekly opportunity to verify that work equipment does not gather on your desk and that all files are correctly organised and filed.

It won’t just feel better to work at a desk that’s cleaner, fresher, and more welcoming, but you’ll also be preventing germs from infiltrating your personal space. It is possible that a simple wipe on the arm will assist to prevent the flu and colds. Learn what a professional cleaning service can do for your business.

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