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The last thing you want to think about is home maintenance during summertime. Use these summer cleaning hacks for both indoors and outdoors to keep your home safe from the effects of heat, dust, humidity, grime, and pests. Stay on top of these cleaning duties early in the season so you can relish the rest of the summer’s pleasant weather and sunshine.

Follow These 6 Simple Steps to Make Summer Cleaning A Breeze:

Remove Dust from Ceiling Fans:

You don’t want your ceiling fan to blow dust about your house when working overtime. Using a pillowcase is a simple way to sweep ceiling fan blades. Place the pillowcase over each edge and pull it off, catching the dust. When you’re done, empty the case into the garbage and throw the pillowcase in the wash until the next time you do laundry! So straightforward, yet so effective.

Sweep Floors:

Your floors take a battering from kids racing in and out the restroom in the summertime, wet feet from the pool, and tracked-in sand from the beach. However, cleaning up can be made simpler and more efficient.

  • Start with high-quality doormats at your front and rear door entrances and enact a “no shoes in the home” policy to cut down on the number of all-out floor cleanings you’ll need to do and give you more time outside.
  • Once or twice a week, vacuum or wash high-traffic areas.
  • When it comes to sand, vacuums are the most effective. Even a hand-held vacuum cleaner is a better alternative than a broom, requiring significantly less effort!
Tips to Keep Your Summer Cleaning on Track
Tips to Keep Your Summer Cleaning on Track


  • Eliminate Bathroom Mildew:

Bathroom mildew can be a problem in the summer because of the heat and humidity. Make sure your exhaust fan is turned on while you’re showering and that the bathroom door is left open when you’re finished. It can significantly reduce the spread of mildew. To prevent mildew from spreading, wipe off shower doors and walls with microfiber wipes after each use.

  • Manage Kitchen Trash:

Summer heat may make kitchen trash cans smell awful, so empty them more regularly than you would in the winter. To avoid this:

  • Add a few drops of dish soap, 1/4 cup of bleach, and several cups of water for a quick wash once a week. Rinse well and dry with paper towels.
  • Sprinkle a little baking soda in the bottom of the dustbin once it has dried to help keep smells at bay.
  • Pile old newspaper at the bottom of plastic trash bags to soak up odors and prevent leaks from liquid rubbish.

Refresh Outdoor Furniture:

Prepare your patio furniture for a summer of barbecues and enjoyment. To remove dirt and debris, hose everything thoroughly. Then, resurrect it with a rag, regular dish soap, and warm water!

Tidy Your Grill:

Is your grill past its prime? We have a terrific cleaning method that requires minimal elbow grease and no harmful chemicals. Remove oily sludge using simple apple cider vinegar and wrapped pieces of aluminum foil. You’ll be back to being the uncontested king or queen of backyard barbecues.

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