When we talk about exciting, life changing events, moving into a new home is definitely a part of that list. To most people, this is an entirely new step in one’s life. One thing you will want to avoid when moving into your new home, however, is a feeling of discomfort or disinterest. These feelings can be brought on by a messy home. 

The good news is that you can get rid of this feeling by performing a move in cleaning on your new home before you begin to settle/move everything in. To learn about why this process is important and how you can deep clean a home in this situation, we here at Now It’s Clean are here to help. 

Cleaning The Rooms + Hallways 

To be certain that all of these areas are properly cleaned, be sure to wipe down every window sill, ledge, wall trim, wall and mirror. While all of the furniture will likely be gone in your new home, stains, scratches and dust may remain. Wiping these areas down will get rid of that messy look. In addition to this, also be sure that any cobwebs (most commonly found in the corners of ceilings/floors/walls) are removed as well. The final steps to deep cleaning these areas include vacuuming and getting rid of any trash/debris that may have been forgotten on the floor.  

Tidying The Kitchen 

Kitchens collect a lot of mess, as they are considered the space where all of the cooking/baking of food takes place. In addition to this, dishes full of dirt and grime are also washed in the kitchen sink, collecting more potential bacteria and gunk if not cleaned properly. When you want to be certain that this area is cleaned effectively, wipe down and sanitize the sinks, light fixtures, countertops, pantries, cabinets, appliances and backsplashes. Everything that someone would touch in the kitchen should be wiped down properly. Always clean the insides of things too. Things like the oven, microwave, fridge, etc. should all be thoroughly cleaned from the inside-out. 

Disinfecting The Bathrooms 

If you thought kitchens held a bunch of germs and bacteria, think about the amount of germs bathrooms hold. Since this is a place where people go to get clean, numerous substances from their environment are washed off within this area. To fully ensure that your new home’s bathroom(s) are clean, be sure to disinfect and scrub down the shower, toilet, doors, sink, mirrors, countertops, floors and bathtub. So long as every area in this space is properly disinfected/cleaned, you will feel safe and comfortable using your bathrooms in your new place. 

A Deep Clean = Lots Of Work 

When it comes down to it, deep cleaning a home is a lot of hard work. While regular cleanings just scratch the surface, deep cleanings go beyond that to ensure every area is completely spotless. Because of this, it is important that if you plan on doing this type of project yourself, you come extremely prepared. You will need lots of different equipment such as rags, towels, mops, dusters, scrubbers, sponges, plungers and more. Don’t even get us started on how many cleaning products you will need for this job!  

While it may seem like a lot, with the right amount of time and hard work/dedication, you can complete this project, even though it may be initially challenging & stressful. 

Let Our Company Help 

If you are struggling with time and you know you’re going to be unable to deep clean your new home before moving in, let our team at Now It’s Clean help. With every safety measure, cleaning product and equipment option available, we do what is needed to make your home look its most clean and (most importantly) it’s most beautiful. With our flexible schedules, you can find a time that works with your moving process and not against it. To learn more about how to begin a move in cleaning in Toronto with us, be sure to phone our staff at (647) 558-0707 today! 

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