Although this may come as a surprise to some, many homeowners spend hours upon hours cleaning their home every week. This is especially true when you have a family, as life in current times has been chaotic. When time becomes constrained, the mess begins to pile up and the stress just doesn’t seem to go away, sometimes a thorough house cleaning can be a great escape.

Cleaning is only a true escape, however, when it is done right and doesn’t lead to any errors or delays. If you want to know about all of the most common cleaning mistakes so you can avoid them during your next cleaning, check out the information we here at Now It’s Clean have to offer.

Starting a Cleaning From The Bottom Up

A big mistake that people make when it comes to cleaning is that they will start in whatever room they’re in when they decide they want to clean. This will most commonly be on the main floor. Here at Now It’s Clean, however, we recommend that you start from the top floor and work your way to the bottom. That way, if any dust and dirt from the stairs, floor or otherwise falls onto the floor(s) beneath them, it can be cleaned with ease. This same “top to bottom” cleaning rule applies to rooms as well.

Using The Same Cloth/Sponge For Every Surface

Say you’ve cleaned out your sink full of bacteria and grime with a sponge. So long as you rinse/wash it afterwards, it should be fine to use on other areas of the home, right? We here at Now It’s Clean disagree with this, and recommend you purchase multiple cloths and sponges for each area of the home. If any bacteria from one room spreads into another, this can leave an off putting smell, and in some cases make you or others sick. In order for your home to be clean, your equipment should be as clean as possible as well.

Avoiding The Cleaning of Appliances

When you clean a room in your home, chances are the last thing you think of is cleaning the appliances. After all, if they look decent from the outside, who cares right?

The truth is, cleaning your appliances is integral to a clean, fully functional home. Without the proper cleaning procedure for these appliances, the machines can stop functioning at their best and collect crazy amounts of dust and dirt. The dirt and dust is not good for anyone’s health/safety, and the lack of functionality in an appliance makes it harder to go about your day.

When you’re performing a house cleaning, always remember to clean your appliances, both inside and out. It may seem like a tedious task, and in many cases it can be, but you’ll be glad you did once it’s all said and done.

Cleaning Windows, Mirrors & Glass With Tissues/Paper Towels

A lot of people assume that since tissues and paper towels are disposable, they are the cleanest way to wipe down these surfaces. The truth, however, is that many different paper towels and tissues are made with materials that leave residue on these surfaces. The best way to get a streak-free clean on windows, mirrors and glass is to use a microfiber cloth with an ammonia-based window cleaner. Also, avoid cleaning these surfaces on days where the sun hits them, as the warmth from the sun can cause more streaks.

Let Our Cleaners Help

Cleanings can be difficult to carry on one’s own back. After all, these tasks are usually tedious, exhausting and (sometimes) quite stressful. If you don’t have the time in your day to perform a proper house cleaning but have the means to hire a cleaning company in Toronto, consider our team here at Now It’s Clean. With all the proper experience, skills and customer support we work tirelessly to get you the cleaning results you desire. To learn more about how you can begin a house cleaning in Toronto with us, be sure to phone our staff at (647) 558-0707 today!

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