While a house cleaning can be easy with the right checklist, equipment and products, sometimes mistakes happen and people forget to clean certain areas. Here at Now It’s Clean, we want to help provide you with some information on the most commonly forgotten spots when performing a house clean, so during your next project you won’t forget them.

Window Blinds

Whether your blinds are big or small, thick or thin, these pesky shaders are bound to collect dust and dirt over long periods of time. When most people think of a house cleaning, they don’t normally consider blinds being a part of that process but they are all the more important, as they can interfere with allergies and your lung health. One of the best ways to tidy this area of the home is by wrapping each side of a pair of tongs with cloth, and clamping each blind and wiping it to remove the dust. This way, you are working in an efficient manner without damaging any of your blinds in the process.

Cloth Couches

While leather couches often avoid serious messes, cloth couches do not. Since these couches are made of soft, highly absorbable material, over the years this fabric can get pretty dirty. 

Luckily, with the right cleaning method, this can be fixed. Say goodbye to any pet odour, food or drink stains, art medium stains and more- with the help of our cleaning tips you can get a clean cloth couch in no-time. To clean your cloth couch, begin with a stiff brush to remove any pet/human hair & lint. Once that’s done, sprinkle the sofa with baking soda. Let this sit for 20 minutes, and then use a vacuum to suck up the baking soda. Finish it all off by spraying some all purpose cleaner on a cloth and gliding over the couch’s surface (Febreeze is recommended too). With the help of this cleaning process, you can get a couch that not only looks clean, but smells great as well.

Glass Cooktops

Since a lot of glass cooktops on the market are dyed a dark, blackish colour, it can be really hard to find/target messy spots on your cooktop. With the right products, knowledge and equipment, however, you can get a spotless cooktop in minutes. To begin, sprinkle baking soda all over the cooktop. Afterward, soak a cloth in warm water + soap and let the water fall onto the baking soda. Cover your cooktop with a towel and let the cleaning mixture sit for 20 minutes. Once the time is up, use the towel that you placed on top of the cooktop to pick the baking soda off of the surface, and finish by wiping with a paper towel. Now, you should have a clean, shiny cooktop to use effortlessly.

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