While a regular cleaning usually does the job well, a deep cleaning goes above and beyond to ensure your home is completely spotless. Although this is a well known cleaning process within the cleaning industry, many people may not be aware of what’s involved in a deep house cleaning in Toronto. To learn about what happens when you hire deep cleaning services, check out the information we here at Now It’s Clean have provided below. 

The Main Tasks

To answer this question as quickly and as simply as possible, we’ve come up with a few bullet points in regards to what is involved during a deep cleaning. They are as follows: 

  • Dusting & wiping down all surfaces. This includes areas such as furniture, shelves, baseboards, counters, tables, windowsills and more. 
  • Thoroughly cleaning (and sanitizing) the bathrooms. Since bathrooms are one of the most common spaces to get dirty, a lot of focus is put into these parts of the home, especially when it comes to sanitization. 
  • Cleaning light fixtures. Often passed over in a regular cleaning, deep cleanings make sure that your light fixtures are taken care of. Lots of dust, cobwebs and insects can gather in your light fixtures, so it’s important that they’re cleaned properly. 
  • Cleaning the insides of cabinets & drawers. Another part of the home that often gets ignored during a home cleaning, making sure these spots are dealt with makes for a more organized, less cluttered space. 
  • Generally any other cleanings that a regular cleaning ignores. While regular cleanings often scratch the surface and offer you a base-level kind of clean, deep cleanings go above and beyond to ensure you’re getting the best out of your cleaning services. 

Preparing For a Deep Clean

Since a deep clean requires getting into areas that wouldn’t commonly be cleaned, it’s important that you get your house ready for experts (or yourself!) to perform these jobs properly. Some important steps in prepping your home for this type of clean include: 

  • Clearing space. Any knick-knacks, books, toys or magazines that are in the way/taking up floor space + counter space should be put away for this type of cleaning. 
  • Coming up with a list. If you’re planning to perform a deep clean on your own, it’s vital that you come up with an organized, efficient cleaning list full of all the tasks you plan to complete. 
  • Identify problem areas. Making sure you’re aware of the most troublesome areas of the home makes sure that you or the cleaners you’ve hired for the job have a good idea on where to focus a lot of their attention and effort. 

How Now It’s Clean Can Help

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect cleaning services for the most affordable deal, there is no need to look any longer. With the help of our team of professional cleaners in Toronto here at Now It’s Clean, we offer great deals on cleaning services without sparing any of the quality that would come with your professional cleaning business. With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge needed to make your home look its best. To learn more about how you can begin a real estate deep cleaning in Toronto with our team, be sure to phone us at (647) 558-0707 today! 

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