When it comes to a house or apartment cleaning in Toronto, Now It’s Clean follows a general guideline for how we approach each project. When following a guideline, it helps us to ensure that each project ends in a sparkling clean way that will surpass our client’s expectations. If you would like to know what this procedure looks like, follow this post and our Maid Services in Toronto will give you all the details. 

Initial Home Assessment  your

Our team of Toronto cleaning professionals understands that every home’s cleaning needs are unique and therefore, each project requires a tailored plan. During this initial meeting, our team will determine your specific needs to meet your cleaning goals. 

Stocking Up the Right Equipment 

Before our team shows up, we do a double-check to ensure that everything we need to clean with is stocked and loaded into the car and that it is working properly. From vacuums to microfiber clothes, our team comes prepared with everything. 

Dusting & Vacuuming 

Now we start. The first task we complete is dusting. This allows all of the dust particles to fall so that later, we can vacuum them all up. Dust particles and allergens are eliminated from the house in this step of the process. 

Cleaning the Kitchen 

Next, we will turn our attention to the kitchen. From appliances to countertops, and the surfaces, our team ensures that we complete a deep and effective sanitizer to every spot in the kitchen. After all, this is where you cook and eat. 

Ceilings & Cabinets 

What makes our team different is that we tackle every spot in the kitchen and around the home. From removing cobwebs on the ceiling to organizing the cabinets, you can rest assured that our team has everything covered. 

Cleaning the Bathroom  

To make a pristine and hygienic environment, our team will dive deep into sanitizing the bathrooms. We disinfect the sinks, toilets, countertops, bathtubs, and fixtures to ensure that the space is sparkling clean and sanitized when leaving. 

Floor Care 

Whether you have hardwood, tile, or carpet as your flooring, our team will thoroughly scrub them and leave them in their best state when we leave. As a professional cleaning team, we understand that floors give a big impression of the home so we ensure this step is not overlooked. 

Organizing the Space 

At the end of our cleaning, our team will go through the space and organize anything that looks out of place. This will help to declutter the area and contribute to the clean feeling of the home. Whether you would like us to organize just a single room or the entire space, we can do it. 

How We Can Help 

From standard House Cleaning in Toronto to deep cleaning, our team at Now It’s Clean can perform any cleaning function you wish. When you choose to hire our team, know that we strive to deliver exceptional cleaning results so that you can come home to a space to relax and unwind. To book a consultation, contact us at (647) 558-0707. 

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