Are you looking to hire a house cleaning service, but are unsure how to go about it? Not sure which company to choose in a sea of a bunch of cleaning companies? Here at Now It’s Clean, we want to provide you with advice on how to choose the best cleaning company in Toronto possible so you can sit back and relax knowing that your home is being cleaned right. 

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The Research Process

When it comes down to it, doing your research is the best possible way to choose the right cleaning company. Sure there’s word of mouth, maybe an ad you saw at the store, but when you do the proper research you are making sure a company offers what it says it does. In general, there are a few steps in order to complete the ample amount of research to find the right company.

Look at Their Website

When you want to get an idea of a companies previous projects, find their testimonials or just get a feel of their business, looking at their website is recommended. This way, you can also get an idea of what they’re like through their site writing + design. More often than not a company site will include their mission statement, about us page, portfolio, services and contact page. All of this information will give you a better handle on whether or not they are the right business for your cleaning needs.

Check Out Their Reviews

We believe that reviews are one of the best ways to indicate whether or not a business is worth your time. This is because most reviews are highly authentic and made by previous customers. If a company has bad reviews (especially if they are recent), it is best to look elsewhere for cleaning services. On the other hand, if their reviews are overwhelmingly good, you know that they’re likely more reliable/credible. In some cases, certain companies will start out with good reviews and they’ll decline overtime. To make sure this isn’t the case, try filtering the reviews by “most recent” to ensure that the company has not declined in quality. 

Keep An Eye Out For Red Flags

Doing research is all good and well, but if a company displays one too many red flags, it might be best to consider other options. Red flags such as employees who are not certified, large chunks of payment upfront, etc. are just a couple warning signs to look out for. Some questions you can ask to confirm a businesses quality are things such as:

  • Are your employees bonded and insured?
  • Is your staff WSIB certified?
  • Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
  • How does the payment process work?
  • How many years of experience does your company have?

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