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When it comes to spring cleaning their homes’ interiors, most individuals have a strategy in mind. But what about their homes’ external spaces? Provide some TLC to your outdoor spaces now that the warmer months are approaching, and you’ll be prepared when the desire to spend time outside takes over. An easy-to-use checklist detailing what needs to be done in your outdoor living spaces and yard may be found below.

Rain Gutters

With spring showers on the way, you’ll want to make sure your rain gutters are free of debris and ready to manage the runoff. Put on your work gloves and climb a ladder (with a friend to act as a spotter) to scrape out as much debris as possible, then hose the rest away. Winter storms can send leaves, branches, and other debris into your gutters. Clean out the downspouts while at it, and ensure they’re directing water well away from the house’s foundation.

Garage Door

Once a year, your garage door should be cleaned in the spring because it can become filthy over time. You have to fill a bucket halfway with Dawn Dish Detergent and water and use a rag or sponge to clean the door frame. Rinse thoroughly with a hose or power washer, making sure to clean the trim and the vehicle.


During the winter, no one is out in the cold surveying their property as they would in the summer. Instead, they dash as quickly as they can inside the comfort of their own home to escape the cold. However, spiders were busy constructing webs and making homes for themselves while you were running. A Poly-Fiber Duster with a telescopic pole is a piece of excellent equipment for removing tangles from your home.

Stroll around the outside of your house and pick up the spider webs. To clean the duster, roll it about in the grass to remove any accumulated debris. This effortless and straightforward task will instantly improve the appearance of your property.


Excellent fences can make for good neighbors, but a neglected wall is an eyesore that you and your neighbor will be embarrassed to look at. Rake leaves and other debris away from the base of your fence, and then hose or scrub any mud off with a stiff brush or a pressure washer. Fresh paint or sealer can be applied to wooden walls to restore their appearance.


Don’t let dusty windows detract from the radiance of springtime sunlight. Cleaning the windows can be done by a professional or done by you on your own time. Although you’ll need a sprayer hose attachment, a stepladder, a squeegee, several rags, the cleaning solution of your choice, and quite a bit of elbow work, the pristine view out your windows will be well worth it.

Garbage Cans

All that is required is to empty the trash cans, then pour some dish soap into each can, turn it on its side, and use a pressure washer to clean them out of any remaining rubbish thoroughly. After they’ve been cleaned, use a household disinfectant such as PineSol, Mr. Clean, or whatever your favorite product is to make them smell fantastic.

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